The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is here. New features and designs are coming in the near future for IOS, watchOS, and macOS users. The new software changes are something to look forward too. And now, the full breakdown of each category of wwdc 2019.

Apple ios 13 home screen iphone xs
Apple ios 13 home screen iphone xs



Coming This Fall

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 or later; iPhone 6s or later with IOS 13

  • New Watch Faces
    • instant access to apps
    • instant access to features (chance of precipitation, decibels, etc.)
  • Taptic chime every hour 
    • to keep track of time
    • if sound is on, you will hear a chime
  • Enhanced Siri
  • App Store
    • now on your wrist
    • no need to download from your iPhone
  • AudioBooks
  • Calculator, Voice Memo, Redesigned Reminders
  • Animoji/Memoji Stickers
    • Add them to messages
  • Activity Trend
    • New feature
    • monitors metrics
    • shows data from the last 3 months compared to the previous year
    • gives advice to get back on the track you were on before activity levels dropped
  • Cycle Training
    • track your menstrual cycle
    • record symptoms and add information regarding about your menstrual cycle.
    • notifies when your cycle is about to start
    • not limited to apple watch users (found in the health app on iPhone)
  • Noise App
    • senses when noise levels reaches a potential risk that my damage your ears.
    • notifies you with a tap when decibels are higher than usual.

MacOS Catalina

Coming This Fall

Compatible with MacBook 2015 or later, MacBook Air 2012 or later, MacBook Pro 2013 or later, iMac 2012 or later, iMac Pro 2017 or later, Mac Pro 2013 or later, Mac Mini 2012 or later

  • All-New Mac Apps
    • iTunes is revamped
    • Music, TV, Podcasts
    • downloads from iTunes are found in each app
  • iPad Apps are coming to Mac
  • Redesigned Apps
    • Photos, Notes, Reminders, Safari
  • Sidecar
    • use iPad as a secondary display
    • choose to mirror Mac or as an extension
    • wired or wireless
    • continuity Markup and Sketch
    • zoom second display
  • ScreenTime
  • Find My
    • combination of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends
    • can locate your Mac even it it is offline
  • Authenticate with Apple Watch
    • double click the side button
  • Voice Control
    • control devices such as iPad and iPhone with your voice
  • Hover Text
    • large window
    • easy on the eyes

iOS 13

Coming This Fall

Compatible with iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs/Xs Max, iPod touch (7th generation)

  • Dark Mode
    • turn on from Control Center or set it up for automatic turn on
  • Photos and Camera
    • Portrait Lighting Control
      • adjust the position and intensity for smooth or sharp features
    • High-Key Mono
      • monochromatic effect to portrait mode photos
    • Photos Tab
      • best moments from days, months, and years
    • Redesigned Editing
      • easily edit your photos with the redesigned functions
    • Video Editing
      • use almost every tool you use for photos on videos, including crop, rotate, and auto enhancement
  • Privacy and Security
    • Sign In with Apple
      •  create an account with the Apple ID you have
      • only provide your name and email address
                  • can create a unique email address that forwards to your real one
ios13 sign in with Apple ID
Apple iOS13 sign in with Apple ID
  • HomeKit Secure Video
    • encrypted system designed to store your videos to iCloud where you or family members only have access
    • does not count against your storage plan
  • Maps
    • Look Around
      • 3D experience, 360 degrees, move down streets smoothly
    • Collections
      • Make lists of places and share them
    • Favorites
      • now a tap away
  • Siri
    • New Voice
      • natural voice thanks to advanced neural text-to-speech technology
  • Siri Shortcuts
    • now built-in
    • no need to download from the App Store
  • Personalization on HomePod
    • learns family members voice for a personalized experience
  • Announce Messages on Airpod
    • Siri reads messages aloud
    • reply back from Airpod
  • Audio Sharing with Airpod
    • pair 2 Airpods to one iPhone
    • no need to share an earbud

(Look out for a new post about IOS 13 in full-depth from wwdc 2019.)

  • Memoji and Messages
    • New Memoji Customization
      • new headwear, hairstyles, makeup, and piercings
  • Memoji Stickers
    • sticker packs found in keyboard
  • Share Name and Photo
    • choose name, photo or memoji for your contacts and new conversations
  • QuickPath Typing
    • swipe from one letter to another
  • Redesigned Reminders
    • Smart Lists
      • automatically organize your reminders and group them by Flagged, Scheduled, and Today
    • Quick Toolbar
      • scan documents, add times, dates, locations, flags, and photos.
  • Redesigned Carplay
    • Calendar App
      • view of whole day
      • make calls and directions
    • Apple Music App
      • showcases album art covers
  • Performance
    • Faster Unlock
      • FaceID is 30% faster
    • Faster App Launch
      • 2x faster to open apps and smaller download size


Coming This Fall

Compatible with 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 11-inch iPad Pro, 10.5 iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad (5th and 6th generations), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad mini 4, iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Air 

  • Slide Over and Split View
    • Multiple Apps in slide over
      • access to favorite apps
    • Apps in Multiple Spaces
      • open apps on both sides
    • App Exposé
      • fancy way of saying Dock
  • New Home Screen
    • Pinned Widgets
iPadOS Today View Dark Mode from wwdc 2019
Apple iPadOS Today View Dark Mode from wwdc 2019
  • Apple Pencil
    • Tool Palette
      • redesigned palette gives access to a new set of tools
    • Full-Page Markup
  • Text Editing
    • Editing Gestures
      • easy gestures for copying, pasting, and undoing
    • Cursor Navigation
    • Multiselect
    • Intelligent Text Selection
      • Double tap- select a word
      • Triple tap- select a sentence
      • Four taps- select a paragraph
  • Keyboard
    • Floating Keyboard
      • pinch to shrink and move anywhere
iPadOS Floating Keyboard
Apple iPadOS Floating Keyboard featuring QuickPath Typing
  • QuickPath Typing
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • for physical keyboards
  • Fonts
    • font management
      • use downloaded fonts from the App Store in your documents
  • Dark Mode
  • Redesigned Files App
    • iCloud Drive Folder Sharing
    • File Servers
      • get files from a server or PC
    • External Drives
      • connect a SD card reader or even a USB Drive
  • Safari
    • Desktop-Class Browsing
      • desktop version of websites
    • Download Manager
      • access recent and active downloads in Files

Almost everything that was discussed and simplified at the wwdc 2019 keynote is covered here. These new exciting features are to come in the fall. However, you can sign up to become a member of the Apple Beta Software Program. Remember to stay tune for the full in-depth of IOS 13.

You can watch the keynote or view previews from each operating systems about wwdc 2019 from Apple’s official page.

Read my last post if you enjoyed this one. Make sure to share and let me know what you would like to know next.

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