If you are having trouble identifying which Apple chargers are certified and safe to use, then continue to read for the list of certified and trustworthy companies.

There are some people who worry about their cable exploding and that is understandable. If you do not do your research carefully, you should be good to go. Few cables will give little to no charge. But in the end, these fake cables will inevitably affect your device.


First, let me give you some tips on how to distinguish between counterfeit and real Apple chargers.

  • Does it have an image like this? If so, it means that it is MFi-certified and is approved by Apple’s licensing program.
MFi-certified label
Apple (newer version of the label)
Apple (older version of the label)


  • At the connector, look for a smooth, rounded, single piece at the top of the connector. Down below is an image of Apple’s Lightning cable and a counterfeit cable.
MFi-certified connector
  • The USB-connector should be smooth and flat. The interlocks (the lines on the USB-connector shell) should be equally spaced out and almost shaped as a trapezoid.
MFi-certified cable


The List:

These companies are MFi-certified and are in alphabetical order.

There are many more, but these are the top companies that are trustworthy and would not need to have a double take on them.


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