Coming this Wednesday, February 20th, is the new Samsung phone. These features of the 2019 phone are from a source that wants to remain unknown. Here is everything that we know so far.


Supposedly, there are going to be three models of the phone coming out this year. One will be called the Samsung Galaxy S10+. One of them will have 3 cameras on the back to help with focusing. It will also charge other phones, which will be called battery sharing.



Three new colors will also be introduced, however, the main two that I was given is blue and flamingo pink.


The phone will feature a sound wave touch ID. There is no physical button, so it will be on the screen. When placing your fingerprint, it will map it out onto the phone to be validated. It is no longer on the back of the phone. There will be up to 4 TB of space you can opt out for. This will be the most expensive phone for Samsung.

sound wave touch ID
sound wave


Just two more days to the event to see what Samsung has in store for us.


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