I recently stumbled upon a protective case for MacBook Pro users. The Case Byte is perfect for those who need protection and a hard drive. Not only does it protect your laptop from damages, but it also provides SSD (solid state drive).  You can purchase one at https://www.casebytetech.com/Case Byte for MacBook Pro

Case Byte


First of all, the hard-shelled case gives you fewer worries when accidentally dropping it. It is designed to keep it from sliding on surfaces and has extra grip.

With the hard drive being installed into the case itself, I found it easier to get things done faster and more efficiently. Meaning no more of this.

External Hard Drive tapped to MacBook Pro
External Hard Drive tapped to MacBook Pro

I photoshop, edit, and run a website, so having the Case Byte was a no-brainer.  I can safely and speedily backup my work with ease. You just snap it on to your laptop and plug in the USB-C and you are set.

Case Byte with USB-C to MacBook Pro
Case Byte with USB-C


You can choose from 1/2 TB SSD or 1 TB SSD. It is available in grey and black. Prices start at $195 and go up to $225. Plus free shipping. Who does not like free shipping?



I know it is hard to find the right external hard drive when you have to take in so much into consideration. There is no need to spend hours looking up a case and hard drive separately anymore. The Case Byte is the ideal purchase for anyone because of its sleek and useful design.

With the USB-C tucked in the side of the case, there is less hassle to do. Precisely made for the newer MacBook Pros, you have access to faster speed, which makes editing much more easier to do with a terabyte of storage.

Case Byte on MacBook Pro
Case Byte


To sum it up, I really do believe this is the best investment anyone can make. You can get the base model MacBook Pro and add up to a terabyte with the Case Byte. Being portable makes it possible to go wherever you want to without carrying any dongles or wires.

I highly recommend to those who do heavy work and just need something simple. There is no doubt about it and I really do believe that it is the finest product out there in the market.

If you want to make a purchase, the link to their website is down below:




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