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Wonder why your iPhone is not lasting you throughout the day? Or what is causing your battery to drain so fast? How long you are using your iPhone, or the apps you use can decrease the life span of your phone. Continue reading below to find out the causes and how to maintain your battery health where it is now.


iphone xs max battery health
battery health


There are many causes as to why your battery life has decreased and varies from person to person. Some may use apps that are heavy in terms of energy and still have perfect battery health. Some may only use their device as a GPS or to binge-watch and have a shorter battery lifespan. This list of causes may or may not be true to you at all, however, it is good to keep in mind.

  • Temperature: Extreme weather conditions can affect your device’s battery life.
  • Heavy Use: Using your phone for a long period of time can decrease the maximum capacity.
  • Charging: While charging, your phone can experience overheat due to certain cases.
  • Battery: Using your phone until it is completely dead can lead to a short battery life and unexpected shutdowns.

Tips on Battery Health

No matter how old your device is, you can still take care of it and maximize the battery life to its full potential. Down below are four tips to get the most out of your battery. Also a bonus tip on how I maintain my maximum capacity at 100% on my iPhone Xs Max.

Number one: Update your iPhone to the latest IOS. Each software update is to ensure you with the advanced battery optimization with energy-efficient technologies.

Number two: Make sure to keep your IOS device from extreme room temperatures. This can cause shorter life span of your device. However, if you live in a place where temperatures are higher than 95° F (35° C) are lower than 32° F (0° C), then I would recommend buying thermal and/or insulated cases.


This insulated phone pouch is designed to protect your device from extreme heat and cold. It is made with NASA technology and compatible with small and large phones. Just slip it in and you are good to go. Don’t worry if you accidentally drop it, the case can withstand drops up to 6 feet (1.8 meters). I would suggest purchasing this one if you live farther up in the north or in areas with extreme hot temperatures.

Another one I suggest buying is the Lei Li ZOOMHILL thermal pouch. The pouch also protects your device from extreme weathers. I highly recommend that if you live in places that does not normally get cold or hot to purchase this one.

Number three: If your device tends to get hot when charging, it could be the case. Whenever this happens, just remove your device from the case. I would recommend purchasing waterproof cases as they are well designed to prevent water from getting into your phone. I say this because waterproof cases cover your entire device, so I would not worry about overheat.

Number four: Do not over-charge your device as it can shorten the battery life. Apple recommends to “charge it around 50%.” However, it also depends what heavy work you do on your phone. Another way to conserve your battery is to not let it reach under 20%. The more you do this, the maximum capacity can decrease. Newer iPhone models are performed to at least give you 10 hours of use in a single charge. With that in mind, 50% can be enough if you use your device wisely.

Bonus tip:

How I kept my iPhone at a maximum capacity of 100% is pretty simple. I always charged my device whenever it hits 21% and never used low power mode. I also use apps that requires a lot of energy but using screentime and looking at my weekly report, helped me see which apps I should focus less on.


If you want more information regarding about your iPhone’s battery life, check out from the original source, Apple itself.

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