Are you an iPhone user and want to know features that are helpful in getting the most out of your phone? There are dozens of features out there, however, these tips are for the keyboard and the photos app. Take the time to learn these 20 tips about what your iPhone can do. You may have discovered something new.



  1. (Technically this tip works at any time the keyboard function pop-ups on your iPhone). You can use your keyboard as a trackpad. Just press and slide your finger anywhere to move the cursor.
  2. Double tapping on the spacebar adds a period at the end of the sentence.
  3. Do you own an iPhone X, XR, XS or XS Max? Use Animoji to say a message with the pre-selected animated emojis. Or you can create your own Memoji. In iMessage, tap on the Animoji icon. Scroll left to you see a “+”. From there you can customize your own self. Animoji
  4. You can modify the apps above the keyboard to your preference. Hold down the bar above the keyboard that contains the app icons. Next, press down on an app and move it anywhere.
  5. Want to react to a message much faster? Double tap on the bubble. Next, choose one of the responses.
  6. Raise your iPhone to your ear to listen to audio messages. Go to Settings->Messages->Raise to Listen and toggle on the function.
  7. Save space on your iPhone by sending images in low quality. Go to Settings->Messages->Low Quality Image Mode.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  8. You can have your message delete after 30 days, a year, or keep them forever. Go to Settings->Messages->Keep Messages and select the best one for you.
  9. Don’t want anyone to know that you have read their messages? Go to Settings->Messages->Send Read Receipts and toggle it off.
  10. Hold down the globe on the keyboard. Next, choose left or right to push the keys to whichever side to use one hand.
  11. Italicize, underline, strikethrough, or bold your text by selecting a phrase then tap on U.
  12. Shake your iPhone to undo what you recently wrote. Go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Shake to Undo and toggle it on.



13. Use the search function to look up pictures of people, animals, places, and from years ago.

14. Delete photos faster by tapping on the “Select” button. Next, glide your finger on the ones you want to throw away in the trash.

15. Want to look at the picture you just took? In the bottom left corner, hold the picture down and glide between each.

16. Slide up in photo and square mode in the camera app to apply a filter. For iPhone XS and XS Max users, slide up in portrait mode for depth control.

17. Change the direction of Panorama mode by simply tapping on either side of the screen.

18.You can toggle off the sound of a live photo. Tap edit and press the speaker icon (top left corner) to mute the live photo.

19. Change the frame of a live photo. First tap on “Edit.” Second, choose a new frame. Third, tap “Make Key Photo” and tap “Done” to save changes.

20. Take better pictures by using the grid feature. To do so, go to Settings->Camera->Grid and switch it on.




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